Quick Start

Accessing the MatrixEase

Step One

Choose the deployment model you want to use/access

MatrixEase is available as: Visit our Products page

Step Two

Start your session and load a spreadsheet for analysis


As you can see from the image above the you can load csv and Excel files or link to a Google Sheet.

Step Three

Start Analyzing wit MatrixEase.


Your matrix data will be automatically catgeorized and shown, time to explore.

Accept Cookie

Accept Cookie

Navigate to the web instance


During the first time you access the a Web Based MatrixEase you will be asked to accept our cookie policy.


When using a web version you will be asked to register with email or your Google account.


Follow the Google or the email registration steps to gain access. This Google account will be used for future access to saved MatrixEases.

Google Registration

Click the "SIGNIN USING GOOGLE" button to register your account.


You will be asked to pick a Google account to use and accept MatrixEase access to Google Sheets.

Email Registration

Step one - enter your email address and the result of the equation, then click "To Send Code"


You will be sent a email with a activation code. Enter this code inot the "Enter Emailed Code" field and click "Validate Code". This email address will be used for future access to saved MatrixEases.


You can now start loading matrix data for analysis.


Now you can explor and anaylze all your matrix data.